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    Believe it or not, this is the only such footage that exists of Dr. Zahl “in action,” and fortunately, it captures him at his unguarded best: free-associating and self-deprecating, scholarly and warm, provocative, personal, and best of all, uproariously funny. These talks were given in January and February of 2009 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase, MD (which may account for the DC-specific references sprinkled throughout). Between services each Sunday morning, Dr. Zahl held hour-long “Rector’s Forums” where he would give a 30-40 minute presentation, followed by Q&A with his audience. These are five of those sessions. As the title suggests, his formal theme was New Persuasive Words for Defaced of Degraded Ones: Mercy, Grace & Hope in an Age of Recession. The first four chapters of St. Paul’s Letter to The Romans were the text, or springboard, from which he was speaking.