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    Straight from the 2011 Pensacola mini-conference to you. An absolute must-hear for anyone involved in ministry… or life. For a preview, go here.

    Product Info: 77MB, 3 downloadable zipfiles
    Content: 2 hour-long talks, 1 Q&A

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    Believe it or not, this is the only such footage that exists of Dr. Zahl “in action,” and fortunately, it captures him at his unguarded best: free-associating and self-deprecating, scholarly and warm, provocative, personal, and best of all, uproariously funny. These talks were given in January and February of 2009 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase, MD (which may account for the DC-specific references sprinkled throughout). Between services each Sunday morning, Dr. Zahl held hour-long “Rector’s Forums” where he would give a 30-40 minute presentation, followed by Q&A with his audience. These are five of those sessions. As the title suggests, his formal theme was New Persuasive Words for Defaced or Degraded Ones: Mercy, Grace & Hope in an Age of Recession. The first four chapters of St. Paul’s Letter to The Romans were the text, or springboard, from which he was speaking.

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    These 18 hours of lectures were given by Dr. Zahl during the summer of 2012, when he was asked to teach a week-long course about his book Grace in Practice. He took the opportunity to expand on his distinctive lens of theology for everyday life, rooting the message of grace in the lived human experience of judgment and love. In his unique and hilarious style, and with the aide of a veritable library of literary references, Dr. Zahl touched on a prodigious range of topics, from singleness and marriage to infancy and old age, from the unique action of Jesus Christ to the way that the forces of grace and law play out in even the most mundane areas of our lives. Taken as a whole, these recordings enhance our understanding of both Christianity and daily life by painting, in concrete experience, the broad strokes of God’s grace for sinners.

    Given the sheer amount of material, the package is broken up into five manageable zip files (one for each day), plus a PDF with the tracklisting, the course bibliography, and short introductory essay. When “unpacked” there are 25 tracks, totaling roughly 400MB in size.

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    This is the digital collection of Dr. Paul F.M. Zahl’s eight foundational talks on The Sermon on the Mount. Available in one large zipfile as mp3 downloads. Read a full description here.