The Man Who Met God in a Bar: The Gospel According to Marvin

by: Robert Farrar Capon

It’s time for a drink, Marvin Goodman decides after missing his red-eye out of Cleveland. Moseying into to the airport bar, he encounters a charismatic young chef named Jerry — who also claims to be God. Before long, Marvin finds himself in the middle of a spiritual revival — witnessing miracles, healings and one everlasting anchovy pizza — in this weird and wonderfully inspired account of the Gospel story.

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Meet the Author
Robert Farrar Capon was an Episcopal priest, writer, and chef who authored many books, all of which insisted on good humor, good food, and the mercy of God. He lived with his wife, Valerie, on Shelter Island in NY, until he died in 2013. In 2016, Mockingbird began the republication of 5 of Robert's out-of-print books. You can find the available ones here:
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